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Online store for Bali beads footwear, beads sandals and shoes owned by CV Maya, manufacturer & exporter company for fashion products made in Indonesia.

Bali beads footwear

Welcome to online store for Bali footwear shoes and sandals. All sandals and shoes here made in Indonesia. Good quality and reasonable price. We've been selling online since 2001
Our products range included all kind of shoes sandals footwear made in Indonesia

We're manufacturer and exporter of quality Bali ladies sandal, ladies shoes, Bali beaded sandal and shoes, slipper, Flip-flop sandals for years.

These are the most unique product-line that you may only find in Bali.Quality is the the top of our priority. The time-line production may a bit longer than other but resulting the best.

With lower minimum and lower price at the highest quality that will beyond your expectation, we produce our ladies sandals on the top of the line among other similar ladies sandal. Take a closer look at our products, they are not just looks good by picture, but surely it is a quality ladies sandal-shoes-slipper at the time you received the goods. Check also the beading, the glue, and the leather coloring.

We are a customer-oriented company,

all your expectation of on-time delivery, market demand of quality that you demanded of quality ladies sandal and slipper product. Or even you want to create your own styles, we have the capability to create the designed styles even from a hand-sketches.

We experienced working with buyers and importer from many countries all over the world; USA (biggest market recently), Germany, Spain, Europe, Asia, etc. So dont be surprised that someday you may see our products in many label in the store nearby.

We are online to reach & contact our customers worldwide easily, and to reach more people and gain more business around the world since our production capacity are ready to get more customers and orders.

So wait no more, lets do businesses with, Trustable and realiable wholesale company that assuring your money will well spent doing business with us !!

There're many shipping options available. From express delivery by courier company to airline cargo. We will inform you the shipping charge once you finalize your order.
To give you an idea how much shipping will be for your order, go to our shipping page.

Order form
To order our Bali footwear, shoes and sandals, please download our footwear order form and fax to (62 361) 488721. Or send a scanned file of the order form by email

Minimum Order
Minimum US$ 150 per shipment (footwear only, shipping not included).


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